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"My name is Will. I have been tasked to take care of Princess Kathrine. This has been my sole task since I was a young lad and her a young lass. It was never an easy task, mind you. Kathrine is many things but docile is certainly not one of them. No, she’s kind, passionate, charming, witty…I haven’t met anyone like her. She’s desperate to help the world and takes a more…hands-on approach. She accomplishes anything she sets her mind to. I am documenting our adventures so that all may know of the good she has done."

This is my first completed short story originally published on my blog for fun. I also drew artwork to go with the short story which you can view here: http://chickenstarrocket.com/tag/will-n-kat/page/2/


The Adventures of Will & Kat ebook.pdf 11 MB
Adventures of Will And Kat AudioBook 295 MB

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The first link is to the ebook which is a pdf but if you don't like reading and want to hear some ~voice acting~ you can download the second file, unzip it, and play it in order of the chapters. They are .wav files.

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